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Real Estate Law

Real Estate LawModern Office Building in Houston, Texas

The national commercial real estate industry ebbs and flows with the greater economy, and this reality is no different in Houston. Supply and demand shift constantly, but regardless of the market’s current standing, it benefits businesses to have a consistent partner for legal consultation on:

  • Real estate developments
  • Contracts
  • Leases
  • Negotiations

In addition, in the same way that it pays to work with a local real estate agent, it also benefits businesses eyeing commercial property in Houston to engage a commercial real estate attorney with a significant understanding of the local market. Real estate legalities can be some of the most complex, and regulations and laws can be drastically different even at the city level. Keys On Mortgage Note

As a result, the attorneys at Stibbs & Co., P.C. can be valuable partners to local businesses working within the Houston commercial real estate market. From our office in Spring, Texas, we work with clients around the metropolitan area, and we have developed a working understanding of the legal intricacies of each nearby governing entity. With our expertise on their side, the following enjoy protection against legal risks and the consultation of skilled Houston real estate attorneys:

  • Commercial real estate developers
  • Architects
  • Landlords
  • Tenants

We can also consult in the following areas:

Among 26 of the nation’s largest metropolitan statistical areas, Houston was ranked the highest for job growth in May 2012, according to research from Arizona StateClose-up Of Businessman Holding Pen University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Generally, Texas has enjoyed steady job growth for some time, a reality that has bolstered the local economy and encouraged real estate development and acquisitions.

According to the report “Growth Abounds – A Forecast of the Texas Labor Market 2012-2015” by the U.S. Department of Labor, “The IHS economist team points out that with a compounded annual growth rate of more than 3% for 2011 to 2014, Texas will have the 3rd fastest multi-year growth rate in the nation – and the best growth rate among the high-population states.”

As local or national commercial developers look to acquire land or purchase real estate in Houston, the need for seasoned legal representatives will become even more important. At Stibbs & Co., P.C., our Houston real estate attorneys are qualified to oversee commercial and retail development contracts, acquisitions and dispositions.

Our lawyers can consult with contractors and developers requiring assistance with negotiations or disputes. We also provide consultations to assist developers or builders with project financing needs.

We offer representation for commercial real estate landlords and tenants

At Stibbs & Co., P.C., our legal expertise extends beyond the development or acquisition phase. We can also represent commercial real estate landlords who require financing support, as our attorneys are well-versed in the areas listed below:

  • Commercial real estate mortgages
  • Property sales
  • Leaseback arrangements

real-estate-lawCommercial real estate property owners who wish to sell or purchase new space can rely on our significant contract expertise to help
them frame a financial document that is mutually beneficial. In addition, Stibbs & Co. P.C., has experience helping clients draft lease agreements, and we have represented both landlords and tenants in the administration and application of these agreements. Ultimately, Stibbs & Co., P.C. is committed to ensuring our commercial real estate clients are protected from the legal risks that can threaten their financial security.

Stibbs & Co., P.C. is a leading Houston business law firm

Based out of our Spring office, positioned on the northern brim of the Houston metropolitan area, Stibbs & Co., P.C. is uniquely qualified to offer legal support to clients all around Texas. We employ a staff of skilled business lawyers who are solely interested in protecting the legal interests of our clients. Turn to Stibbs & Co., P.C. for trusted legal counsel in a variety of fields, including real estate law, energy law, commercial litigation and employment law. We can aid with contract disputes, arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, and estate planning. For more information, please contact us today.