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How Do You Protect a Trademark?

In addition to all the other daily concerns of operating your business, you need to constantly be aware of the threat to your intellectual property. You have worked long and hard to build your business, the last thing you want is to be undermined by others looking to benefit from your efforts. This is why […]

Navigating the Labor and Employment Law Implications of Hurricanes and Natural Disasters in Texas

It has almost been a year since Hurricane Harvey devastated much of Houston and Southeast Texas, and hurricane season officially began on June 1. If you haven’t brushed up on how a natural disaster could impact your business, particularly with respect to employment and labor laws, now is the time to do so. Here are […]

Employee Background Checks—A Good Idea with Potentially Bad Consequences

Author: Haley Paul Many employers have—wisely—implemented policies of conducting pre-employment background checks on job candidates in order to avoid negligent hiring lawsuits and other negative situations such as workplace theft. This is a great idea in theory and, if done correctly, can save employers a lot of money and time down the road. However, the […]

Is Your Business Liable for Employees’ Distracted Driving Offenses?

Author: Haley Paul Drivers, including workers driving on behalf of their companies, face more distractions from the road these days than ever before. If one of your employees is involved in an accident or collision while checking emails or answering a call on his or her cell phone, can your business be held liable for […]

Is it Legal to Classify Full-time Employees as Independent Contractors?

Authors: Courtney Sheaffer and Haley Paul When it comes to taxes and payroll, it can sometimes seem like smart business to classify workers as independent contractors, rather than employees. After all, minimum wage and overtime laws, unemployment benefits, and employment tax do not apply to independent contractors, making such a classification seem like a relatively easy […]

How to Write and Implement Your Employee Handbook

Author: Courtney Sheaffer At Stibbs & Co., it is all too common for a client to come to us with a potentially costly legal problem that could have been easily avoided by a simple update to the business’ employee handbook. In many cases, businesses prepare an employee handbook without any legal counseling whatsoever, and the result […]

How Business Succession Planning Can Improve the Present as Much as the Future

Author: Jack Stibbs More Baby Boomers than ever who own their own businesses are thinking seriously about retirement. Time really does fly when you’re having fun! At Stibbs & Co., the first thing we ask a client looking to retire is, “Do you have a business succession plan in place?” Surprisingly, we find that in […]

An Experienced Law Firm Can Make Buying a Business Nearly Painless

Author: Amanda Trapp Business mergers and acquisitions arrive in almost all shapes and sizes, as do lawyers, law firms, and legal services. Some would-be buyers or sellers are hesitant to hire a good business law firm. Many who do not later wish they had. Hiring an experienced firm with integrity often proves critical to making […]

A Simple Exit Interview Can Protect Your Company’s Valuable Trade Secrets

Most successful business owners shudder at the thought of their hard-earned trade secrets falling into the hands of a competitor. That is why strict laws are in place protecting businesses from corporate espionage and theft. When businesses contact the legal experts at Stibbs & Co. for help in the wake of misappropriated trade secrets, however, […]