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How to Write and Implement Your Employee Handbook

Author: Courtney Sheaffer

At Stibbs & Co., it is all too common for a client to come to us with a potentially costly legal problem that could have been easily avoided by a simple update to the business’ employee handbook. In many cases, businesses prepare an employee handbook without any legal counseling whatsoever, and the result could be a document that does little more than open the company up to considerable liability. Sometimes businesses do not even realize this until something goes wrong.

The dedicated attorneys at Stibbs & Co. are always ready to assist our clients in a crisis. However, life is much easier for you if you can avoid crises altogether. In order for your business to run smoothly and successfully, you need to instill and encourage a positive culture for everyone in the organization. That is why a clear, legally sound employee handbook is a necessity for anyone operating a business.

What is an employee handbook?

Quite simply, an employee handbook is a guide to your organization’s rules, policies, and expectations for employees. It should be a clear and practical reference for everyone in the company to better understand how they should be conducting themselves on a daily basis. It also serves to inform employees of what they can expect from the organization’s ownership and management. Critically, the employee handbook should outline and enforce behaviors that are legally defensible. Otherwise, your business could be liable in the event of a lawsuit.

Crafting Legally Sound Language

To make sure your employee handbook is effective, we always recommend working together with your counsel at Stibbs & Co. to ensure the handbook is in accordance with proper laws. We offer our clients detailed guidance on the specific language they should be using when laying out their policies to help them reduce potential liability.

Legal counsel can save your business considerable time, money, and hassle.

Employment law is complex and requires the review of legal counsel specifically trained in its intricacies. Having your law firm collaborate from the outset on an employee handbook can end up saving you a critical amount of time and money. If you already have a handbook, let Stibbs & Co. go over it with you. It is possible that your current handbook is out of date or missing key provisions that could open your business up to far more problems than you realized.