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STOP Asking Employment Candidates about their Prior Salary

Author: Haley Paul A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that approximately 62 percent of employers still ask candidates about their salary history. While the number of state-wide bans against asking candidates about their pay history is still relatively low, this issue is picking up traction and it is a good […]

How to Handle Harassment in the Workplace

The ongoing list of high-profile harassment accusations in the workplace has made handling them properly more important than ever. Failing to respond quickly and carefully could open your company to significant liability and loss of employee morale. Businesses must have a clear set of guidelines and action plan in place, in the event of an […]

Whose Employee is He Anyway? Issues Surrounding Multiple Employer Relationships

Author: Haley Paul  The majority of employment relationships involve a single employer that directs and controls its own employees. However, there are many instances under which multiple employers share responsibility for the same employees—for example, employee leasing and temporary staffing arrangements. It is important that businesses understand the circumstances that give rise to multiple-employer relationships, […]

Navigating the Labor and Employment Law Implications of Hurricanes and Natural Disasters in Texas

It has almost been a year since Hurricane Harvey devastated much of Houston and Southeast Texas, and hurricane season officially began on June 1. If you haven’t brushed up on how a natural disaster could impact your business, particularly with respect to employment and labor laws, now is the time to do so. Here are […]

How to Write and Implement Your Employee Handbook

Author: Courtney Sheaffer At Stibbs & Co., it is all too common for a client to come to us with a potentially costly legal problem that could have been easily avoided by a simple update to the business’ employee handbook. In many cases, businesses prepare an employee handbook without any legal counseling whatsoever, and the result […]

A Simple Exit Interview Can Protect Your Company’s Valuable Trade Secrets

Most successful business owners shudder at the thought of their hard-earned trade secrets falling into the hands of a competitor. That is why strict laws are in place protecting businesses from corporate espionage and theft. When businesses contact the legal experts at Stibbs & Co. for help in the wake of misappropriated trade secrets, however, […]