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All employers seek to establish a workplace in which employees feel engaged, respected and valued. And, while most business leaders strive to ensure compliance with local and federal employment law, times may still arise when they need to seek business lawyers for help with important employment law issues. These situations may be the result of wage disputes or accusations of discrimination, which can come from:

  • Former employees
  • Current workers
  • Even rejected job applicants

U.S. labor law includes a wide range of employment-related statutes and regulations, which set down parameters for wages, benefits, workplace health and ethics. Laws on the local and state level can differ slightly from federal law, so it is important for businesses to understand the unique legal requirements in their municipality.

That is why businesses in the Houston area turn to Stibbs & Co. for expert legal support. As an experienced and trusted business law firm, we have helped many clients achieve satisfactory outcomes in cases involving:

  • Workplace discrimination
  • Non-disclosure
  • Non-competition disputes
  • Employment contract disagreements

When does it make sense to contact an employment lawyer?

Employment law is a murky area to traverse without proper legal backing, and as a result it makes sense for businesses to establish a relationship with a trusted law office as early into its development as possible.

  • Startup founders need to understand the legal nuances involved in hiring employees and establishing a business’ basic employment practices, while established companies need to constantly revisit policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance.
  • Although Texas is an at-will employment state – effectively meaning employers or workers can terminate their working relationship for nearly any reason without notice, barring several important exceptions – wrongful termination lawsuits can still occur when employees or ex-employees feel that legal boundaries may have been crossed by their former employer.
  • Similarly, while there are instances in which employers may need to discipline a worker for his or her behavior, managers must take care to ensure that no undue retaliation or excessive punishment takes place in these situations. Any perceived egregiousness in an employer’s disciplinary actions could result in a lawsuit against the company, which may have been avoided if the business had worked with a legal counsel to ensure that its supervisors are well-informed about the parameters of the law and the risks involved in committing violations.

Benefit from the experience offered by our skilled attorneys

At Stibbs & Co. we are adept at resolving legal disputes after the events in question have already occurred, but we can also work with clients to lay down the legal framework needed to protect them from these risks in the first place. We employ a staff of seasoned attorneys who understand the ins and outs of employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, and policy issues. As a result, we can help businesses better understand the intricacies of the local legal climate. In addition, we offer aid to businesses that need to adapt company policies to reflect the changing legal landscape.

Employment Law

Why Stibbs & Co. is a top name in Houston

Our firm is committed to a proactive, deal-making approach to resolving legal disputes. We understand that our clients want legal support that will get them closer to achieving their goals. Instead of making things more difficult and drawn out, we work alongside our clients to reduce the confusion surrounding complex legal issues and ensure that our support can aid in their overall growth.

With Stibbs & Co. on your side, your business can take action to protect itself against unexpected legal risks and be prepared for the challenges that may arise in the competitive Houston market. We have made our mark in the region by acting as a trusted consultant to businesses, and we aim to strengthen our bonds with existing clients while forging mutually beneficial relationships with new ones.