Equine Leasing: So You Want to Lease Your Show Horse

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Written by Maggie Griffin
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One of my favorite things about competing is when you finally find your horse. It’s the horse that responds perfectly to your ques, builds your confidence with every pattern, and makes you feel like a horseman. But why is it so difficult to find that perfect horse? Answer: Horses are expensive and not all expensive horses are the right match for a particular rider. Working with a horse trainer to lease an experienced horse is a great way to break down these two barriers.The opportunity to lease a horse for one year seems like a win-win-win for the horse owner (“Lessor”), the person leasing the horse (“Lessee”) and the horse trainer because:Exhibitors get to show seasoned show horses without the financial cost to purchase or concern over the long-term commitment associated with horse ownership.Horse owners do not have to give up their horse in a sale and shift the maintenance costs temporarily during the terms of the lease.Trainers get to keep quality show horses and dedicated Exhibitors in their program.As the horse industry grows and breed associations put more support into their Show Leases, it is becoming increasingly important for trainers, horse owners, and future Lessees to understand the difference behind the breed’s “Show Lease Form” and a “Lease Agreement.”A breed’s “Show Lease Form” is a license for the Lessee to show a particular horse at breed approved events only. This license allows the Lessee to show a horse owned by someone else and enjoy particular breed benefits reserved to horse owners that includes: qualification for awards and eligibility to participate in World Championship Shows.

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