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    Alisha Doan is a seasoned professional with a background in paralegal work, transitioning seamlessly into her role as a billing specialist for Stibbs & Co. With a career spanning since 2012, she has garnered extensive experience across various legal domains, including employment, family, estate planning, and personal injury. Alisha’s proficiency extends beyond legal realms, as evidenced by her prior tenure in a debt collection law firm, showcasing her comprehensive grasp of both legal intricacies and administrative functions.

    Her diverse expertise equips her with the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering focus necessary to uphold Stibbs & Co.’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service to its clients.

    Beyond her professional endeavors, Alisha embodies a multifaceted persona. As a devoted mother to teenage twin boys and a newborn baby boy, she navigates the demands of parenthood with grace and dedication. A perpetual learner, she is currently pursuing her BA at the University of Houston, nurturing aspirations of attaining her Juris Doctorate in the future.

    Active in her community, Alisha finds fulfillment in contributing to local initiatives while also indulging her passions for live music and travel during her leisure time.