Our commercial litigation team handles disputes of varying levels of complexity. We are creative, strategic, and driven.

We understand that our clients may be faced with commercial disputes that can significantly impact their businesses. Litigation is almost never anyone’s first choice, but may be unavoidable at times. At Stibbs & Co., we specialize in commercial litigation across a variety of industries—including energy, construction, manufacturing, and commercial services—and at varying levels of complexity. Our approach is simple: we develop legal strategies with the objective of securing expedient and cost-effective resolution.

At Stibbs & Co., we counsel our clients throughout all stages of the litigation process. Our litigation team is creative, strategic, and driven. However, we recognize that litigation can be costly, so we consistently monitor and reassess strategy throughout all stages of the litigation to ensure that we are working efficiently toward a practical resolution and providing true value to the client.

Our experienced attorneys practice in state, federal, and appellate courts and are dedicated to representing your interests every step of the way. We carefully consider how litigation affects short and long-term business goals, and our clients recognize Stibbs & Co.’s commitment to achieve the best possible outcome.