There is an alternative to lengthy, costly litigation. Let us guide you through the process and help you reach an effective and timely resolution.

Our goal at Stibbs & Co. is to find smarter solutions to your business disputes. Everyone knows that litigation can be costly, time-consuming, disruptive to business, and slow-moving. Mediation and arbitration are part of the area of law called Alternative Dispute Resolution, and we regularly utilize these important tools, after careful consideration by and consultation with our clients, when doing so will achieve the best result.


Our attorneys know that a mediator plays an important role in bringing an end to the expense and lengthy nature of litigation and will carefully counsel you on the selecting the right mediator under the particular circumstances of your case. Regardless of the nature of your dispute, Stibbs & Co. is well positioned to provide you with seasoned, efficient representation and will work hard to find reach a favorable settlement.


The number of arbitration disputes continues to grow as companies seek a faster and more cost-effective approach to dispute resolution. Other advantages of arbitration include choosing a content-expert to resolve the dispute without the unpredictability of relying on jurors and the potential for confidentiality and keeping the disagreement private. Stibbs & Co. attorneys can help you negotiate and draft enforceable arbitration agreements as well as navigate the arbitration process if a dispute later arises. The firm’s arbitration team has the skill, experience, and reputation it takes to facilitate the process and achieve successful results.