The attorneys at Stibbs & Co. handle all types of business contracts and issues. We are committed to Helping Businesses Succeed®.

At Stibbs and Co., our business lawyers take pride in having a deal-maker attitude. Our determination to get a deal done is coupled with an equally strong commitment to make that deal work in the best interests of our clients. Our transactional team draws on extensive experience needed to perform exhaustive due diligence and raising critical issues that must be considered in order to offer practical solutions. Our dedication to client service ensures that your concerns will be heard and your goals for your transaction will be our foremost consideration.

We are proud to offer clients the benefits of our in-depth experience and knowledge when handling complex business transactions. We assist companies in all stages and aspects of a business:

  • Governance: Our business attorneys skillfully draft shareholder, partnership, company agreements, and bylaws, along with other operational documents for your company. We advise on matters such as fiduciary duties, ownership transfer restrictions, and buy-sell agreements.
  • Capitalization: We negotiate lines of credit, loan agreements, promissory notes, and other means of capitalization.
  • Internal Operations: We draft employment agreements, negotiate compensation packages for executives, and assist in developing company benefits plans and internal policies and procedures.
  • Real Estate Contracts: Our attorneys are highly experienced in reviewing, drafting, and negotiating commercial lease agreements, sublease agreements, lease assignments, lease terminations, and lease amendments. We also represent buyers and sellers in real estate transfers.
  • General Business Contracts: We handle any and all kinds of general business contracts, including vendor agreements, manufacturing agreements, contractor and subcontractor agreements, sales and supply agreements, purchase orders, distributor agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, indemnity agreements, software licenses, independent contractor agreements, service agreements, and much more.
  • Acquisitions & Dispositions: Our attorneys manage purchases and sales of business ownership and assets. We actively negotiate terms within purchase and sales agreements to maximize value for our clients.
  • Dissolution or Succession: We help you wind down your business or transfer the enterprise to the next generation of ownership.

Our goal is always to minimize risks and remove any legal impediments to the success of your business.