Stibbs & Co. Attorneys Successfully Defend Clients, Avoiding Temporary Injunction

About The Case

On January 5, 2018, Stibbs & Co. attorneys obtained an order in the United States District Court of the Northern District of Texas Amarillo Division denying the Plaintiff, Bruckner Truck Sales, Inc.’s request for injunctive relief against Stibbs & Co.’s clients, Bayou Diesel Services, LLC and Regan Price. Bayou Diesel is an automotive repair shop that services diesel trucks, along with smaller trucks of various makes and models. The injunction sought to prevent Bayou Diesel and Regan Price from performing any mechanic service and prohibit them from soliciting customers of Bruckner based on overly broad covenant-not-to-compete and non-solicitation provisions in an employment agreement between the Plaintiff and Price. The January 5, 2018 order denied such relief. Plaintiff appealed to the Fifth Circuit, but the case settled prior to any decision by the Fifth Circuit.

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Stuart W. Lapp Haley Paul

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