Stibbs & Co., P.C. Attorneys Favorably Resolve Non-Compete Suit on Behalf of Client

About The Case

Stibbs & Co. attorney Josh Redelman, successfully resolved a non-competition lawsuit during a marathon 18-hour mediation session in favor of the firm’s client. The parties reached an agreement less than a week after the plaintiff sued the firm’s client for allegedly interfering with the plaintiff’s broad non-competition agreement with the firm’s client’s new hire.

After an 18-hour mediation session which stretched long into the night, the parties finally reached a deal at 2:00 AM wherein the plaintiff agreed to dismiss all claims against Stibbs & Co.’s client fully and completely and agreed to substantially narrow the time and scope of the individual’s non-compete agreement. Because Stibbs & Co. and the client acted so quickly, we achieved this excellent result before any court intervention, providing maximum flexibility in securing the most favorable outcome for the company and its new hire.


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Joshua A. Redelman

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Labor & Employment