Stibbs & Co., P.C. Attorneys Obtain First United States Patent for Biotech Client EcoBiome Holdings, LLC

About The Case

Stibbs & Co. prosecuted and obtained the first United States Patent for their client EcoBiome Holdings, LLC. The patent was granted December 19, 2023, listing EcoBiome’s owner, Marc Rodriguez, as sole inventor, and is entitled “Apparatus for Microorganism Isolation, Characterization, Identification and Methods of Use Thereof.” While Stibbs & Co. did not write the patent application, previous patent counsel was unable to convince the USPTO of patentability. The USPTO agreed with Stibbs and Co.’s arguments that the methods of use of the apparatus known as the EcoBiome Apparatus™ were patentable. Stibbs & Co. is prosecuting other pending patent applications for EcoBiome Holdings, including a patent application with claims drawn to the apparatus itself.

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Jeffrey L. Wendt

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Intellectual Property