Stibbs & Co. P.C. Attorneys Secured $6,000,000 Settlement for Management Services Company.

About The Case

Stibbs & Co. P.C. secured a favorable settlement for a start-up infusion management services company amid a bet-the-company lawsuit over unfair competition.

A competitor of the firm’s client, a company focused on providing turnkey infusion management services to hospitals and private physicians, sued our client and its CEO in state court. The competitor claimed unfair competition and tortious interference, seeking damages and a permanent injunction. After Stibbs & Co. P.C. was retained by the client (having been the third law firm to represent client) two days prior to scheduled depositions, Stibbs & Co. P.C. attorneys secured numerous case-dispositive admissions during depositions that lead to a motion to dismiss as a matter of law on all claims. The case settled shortly after filing on favorable terms to our client enabling the client to secure over $6,000,000 in previously prohibited business and saved the company from inevitable closure.

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Joshua A. Redelman Morgan N. Muñoz

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