Stibbs & Co., P.C. Client Obtains Significant Win in Dispute Regarding $1.6 Million Unpaid Invoice

About The Case

Stibbs & Co.’s client recently obtained a favorable ruling in the Middle District of Tennessee. In the midst of a hotly contested case being handled by Stibbs & Co. in Kaufman County, Texas, the corporate defendant filed bankruptcy in the Middle District of Tennessee, claiming Stibbs & Co.’s client owed the defendant approximately $1,600,000 in past due invoices which were allegedly secured via a worker’s lien. Because of this claim, the defendant held hostage over $3,000,000 worth of Stibbs & Co.’s client’s inventory in a warehouse in Kaufman County, Texas. Stibbs & Co. attorney, Josh Redelman, worked with co-counsel Shauna Izadi of the Izadi Legal Group, and local counsel Casey Malloy of Kay Griffin Evans, PLLC, and bankruptcy counsel Phillip Young of Thompson Burton PLLC, to aggressively protect the client’s rights in bankruptcy court. Following a one-day trial on the matter, the Court agreed with the client’s position, holding that the defendant’s testimony was not credible, and that the defendant did not have a worker’s lien on any of the inventory held in the Kaufman County warehouse. 

With this issue resolved, the defendant has no right to retain possession over the almost $3,000,000 worth of inventory. Moreover, this significant ruling will enable the parties to move forward with the Texas litigation without the threat of bankruptcy inhibiting the progress of the client’s case.

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