Successful Trial Verdict!

About The Case

Successful Trial Verdict! Stibbs & Co, P.C. defended its client, a mechanic and automotive shop, against a Plaintiff’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act claim seeking treble damages, which was filed in connection with services the shop provided for Plaintiff’s rare vehicle. The shop countersued to recover the unpaid debt Plaintiff owed for those services. After the conclusion of Plaintiff’s presentation of his claims, the Court granted Stibbs & Co, P.C.’s motion for directed verdict against Plaintiff, dismissing all claims against the shop. Stibbs & Co, P.C. then fully presented the shop’s claims, resulting in the Court awarding judgment in the shop’s favor for the unpaid debt and granting attorneys’ fees.

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Adam R. Fracht Morgan N. Muñoz

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Commercial Litigation